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Season 1, Episode · 2 months ago

Thrilling Stories Comming soon!

Thrilling stories coming soon. Stay tuned for amazing dramas written by top Hollywood writers with an all-star cast. Producer/writer Brian Herskowitz and Producer/director Marylin Hebert.

Season 1, Episode 4 · 4 days ago

Identity Theft Ep. 4

Mark is searching for the Andajou the Voodo Priest who made the majic potion that switched his face with Italian gangster -Joey Bamotti. Mark Tompkins is still trapped in the body of mobster Joey Bamotti. He plans to meet with his old friend Delroy. He convinces Delroy to help him find answers. He learns of a professor of Neuroscience who may be able to help him. When his discussion illuminating talk with the professor ends he goes to seek out the Voodoo Priest/Con-man Andajou. When he enters Andajou's apartment he's met with a very unsettling surprise. Produced by Marylin Hebert and Brian Herskowitz. Starring: Dendrie Taylor as Cat, Adam Lazar-White as Delroy, Elster Latham as Andajou, Gina Hecht as Professor Hajossyov, Antonio Chavez as the Junkie, Maggie Herskowitz as the telephone operator and Jamal Johnson as the Stranger. 

Season 1, Episode 3 · 4 days ago

Identity Theft Ep. 3

Mark is looking for a dancer named Cat to find out what happened to his identity. Mark's sleuth work gives him more questions than answers. Episode 3: Mark tracks down the mysterious and beautiful Cat. He confronts her about her whereabouts the night before when another memory comes back to him. He recalls an old man, a con artist, named Andajou who he believes was involved in is being “stolen” from his body. He decides he has to enlist help, and he knows who to turn to next. Produced by Marylin Hebert & Brian Herskowitz. Starring; Dendrie Taylor, Elester Latham, Jamal Johnson, Joel Gibb the announcer & Emmy winning composer Leonard Wolf.

Season 1, Episode 2 · 4 days ago

Identity Theft Ep. 2

Mark goes into his home and his wife Nadia doesn't know who he is and reacts like he is an intruder! Episode 2: Mark returns home and finds that his wife, Nadia, has left the door open. When she sees him, she assumes that he’s an intruder and hits the panic button on the house alarm. Mark has to flee before the police arrive. He retraces his steps and remembers a beautiful and mysterious woman that sat next to him during his evening of debauchery. Produced by Marylin Hebert & Brian Herskowitz.